Day 1 - Edmund Burke Lecture Theatre, TCD

by bus: 128,14a,15b,15. Stop at DAWSON STREET. if you're coming from stillorgan or UCD area, take any buses to city centre, 10, 46a, 145.

from TCD front arch (opposite Bank Of Ireland)

walk straight until you reach a bell tower at the 12o'clock position, 

then turn right and continue walking. a small field will be on your left (a sculpture is in the middle of the field). The Arts building is the building right in front of you. *Enter the door and walk down the stairs on your left and turn left. there is a cafe on your right. walk pass the cafe and further down the stairs in front of you. Edmund Burke LT is on your right. please take note the Edmund Burke sign parallel to your eye's view when you're walking down the stairs.

from TCD side gate (near Reads)

enter the side gate. The Arts Building is the same block as the side gate entrance. Enter the door on your right and the directions will be the same as above*.

Day 2 - Theatre F, Science Building, University College Dublin

bus: take bus 10 from city centre. please check the bus timetable in the picture below. it will take 20-30 minutes from city centre to UCD and about 10 minutes 'malaysian' walk from bus stand 10 to the science building. so, please manage your time carefully to avoid lateness.
once u get off the bus, walk straight (with Quinn business school is on your left) and you will pass these buildings along your way; UCD restaurant on your left, then newmann building. walk down the stairs and you will see UCD main library - James Joyce library, on your left and UCD lake on your right.

 walk straight and UCD food and agriculture building will be on your left. go straight until you see a junction and a field in front of you. turn right and the building on your left is UCD student centre. walk straight until Health Science Building is on your left. here, you will see UCD Science centre (north) sign and turn right. walk straight and enter the building on your right.

once u enter the door, walk up the stairs and enter the door on your right. Theatre F will be just on your right once your enter the opposite doors. 

map from bus stop to science building.
(click the map for bigger picture)

note: there are other alternative shortcuts. this route is used for easy understandable directions. if you know any  other shorter routes, feel free to use that route.

Day 3 - O'Flanagan LT, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.

1.      From UCD (click the map above for bigger picture)
a.       Take bus 10 or 11
b.      Drop at when you are near to St. Stephen Green Park ( the point on the map )
c.       Follow the orange arrow on the map.

2.       From city centre – walking  (from  Spire) (click the map for bigger picture)
a.       Just follow the map.
b.      A is the Spire of Dublin (the big pin)
c.       B is the main entrance of  RCSI

3.       From city centre – bus number 16,16A,19,19A,122, 83,65/B (click the map for bigger picture))
a.       Stop at the bus stop on the map
b.      Follow the blue arrow to go to the entrance

a.     When u enter the main entrance of RCSI, turn left and you will find O' Flanagan LT sign in front of you.

Ask your friend for detail direction or simply ask them to show you the way!


if you need any specific directions that is not specified here, kindly leave your comments here.

any difficulties during your journey, do not hesitate to contact us:
TCD - izzah : 0852114800
UCD - athirah : 0852899878
RCSI - daniel: 0851356016 or thaqifah: 0852426553

Registration Is Closed


On the behalf of the committee, we would like to announce that the registration is now closed. The closing is plan to be prior a week to the Symp[o] 2010 due to statistical and planning reasons.

For those who register with us, jazakallahu khairan.

Any question regarding registration, please kindly contact:

Ahmad Zafrullah Afham Ahmad Fikri (RCSI) :

Nabilah Jusoh (UCD):

InsyaAllah see you guys there.



Click Read more to read the tentative
*Subject to change on the actual day.



Please contact our representative if you need accommodation ASAP. For participants outside Dublin, our representative had given u an email asking everyone regarding this matter. Do respond it. if you haven’t received any emails and you urgently need a place to stay here in dublin, kindly contact miss izzah –

Registration and Food

REGISTRATION - 26th March 2010

Registration table will be opened starting from 7.30 pm until 7.45 pm at Edmund Burke Lecture Theatre, Trinity College Dublin. 

The food will be provided and it will be packed for you. If you have food allergies, and forgot to state it while filling up your registration form, do not hesitate to contact our food officer:
Syuhaimi Zakaria -

-to be continued-

What do they say?

"IMAM sympo mengubah paradigma saya tentang profession seorang doktor. Penglibatan doktor tidak hanya terhad kepada suasana di dalam hospital malah ia lebih bermakna dari itu. Peluang berjumpa doktor-doktor dari malaysia yang mempunyai pengalaman luas dalam bidang ini membuatkan saya melihat perubatan dari perspektif baru." 
Muhd Hazman Mohd Sabri, 2nd Year Leeds

"IMAM sympo gave lots of new information and opened my eyes about medical field that i never treasure before." 
Anis Maisarah Ahmad Tamerin, 2nd Year UCD

"Platform untuk mendengar perkongsian tentang hidup sebagai seorang doktor, â€˜face to face’."
Nur Syafawati Ismail, 2nd Year UCD

"This symposium not just literally get you back to the nature in its green woods, but also awakens you to get back to the nature of a muslim doctor. i like the way the talks made us think. Fresh and awakening"
Nurhanis Syazni Roslan, 4th Year RCSI

"IMAM sympo telah membuka mata, membuka peluang dan membuka hati dalam mempelajari isu - isu menarik seorang ahli perubatan mesti tahu. ia bukan sekadar buku anatomi, fisiologi, atau histologi. ia lebih dari itu."
Nur Diana Ismail, 2nd Year UCD


Registration closing date is tomorrow!

Hello everyone! 

Registration for IMAM Symposium 2010 event is closing by
Saturday, 20th of March!

Before its too late, quickly register at our registration site! 

You woudn't want to miss this Golden oppurtunity with 
3 universities visited in 3 days! 

Lets be a Professional doctor and learn more about medical life!

IMAM Medical Symposium 2010

Do you know that...
    IMAM Medical Symposium this year is going to be held in THREE different universities in Dublin

Trinity College Dublin
  • Its four-hundred-year-old tradition of scholarship (the oldest educational institution in Ireland) confirm its position as one of the great universities of the world

  • It is one of the MUST-VISIT on the itinerary of all visitors to Dublin, where the exhibition of Book of Kells inside the Old Library dating back from the 9th century is located within the compund of the college (if you have a friend studying in TCD, you can get into the Old Library and Book of Kells' exhibition for FREE!!)

  • Bram Stoker (author of the famous Dracula), Denis Parsons Burkitt (of Burkitts Lymphoma), Ernest Walton (Nobel Laureate in Physics) and Mary McAleese (current President of Ireland) are among the alumni of Trinity College Dublin