IMAM Medical Symposium 2010

Do you know that...
    IMAM Medical Symposium this year is going to be held in THREE different universities in Dublin

Trinity College Dublin
  • Its four-hundred-year-old tradition of scholarship (the oldest educational institution in Ireland) confirm its position as one of the great universities of the world

  • It is one of the MUST-VISIT on the itinerary of all visitors to Dublin, where the exhibition of Book of Kells inside the Old Library dating back from the 9th century is located within the compund of the college (if you have a friend studying in TCD, you can get into the Old Library and Book of Kells' exhibition for FREE!!)

  • Bram Stoker (author of the famous Dracula), Denis Parsons Burkitt (of Burkitts Lymphoma), Ernest Walton (Nobel Laureate in Physics) and Mary McAleese (current President of Ireland) are among the alumni of Trinity College Dublin

    westfront2.jpg picture by haziechang
    Trinity College Front Gate

    trinity-college-library-dub.jpg picture by haziechang

    Long Room, Old Library, TCD


    • Ireland's version of University Malaya, UM (the buildings, the students' lifestyle, etc) - so say the Malaysian students

    • Dated from 150 years ago, established in 1854

    • Has produced graduates of remarkable distinction including famous surgeons, architects, entrepreneurs and five of Ireland’s Taoisigh (Prime Ministers). Perhaps the best known of all its graduates is the writer James Joyce, who completed his Bachelor of Arts at the university in 1902

    • It used to be located at the heart of the city in St Stephen's Green, however moved to a bigger area in Belfield to accomodate the college's phenomenal growth during the 1960's and 1970's

  • Its Health Science Complex (which is one of the venue for symposium!!), designed by the Murray O'Laoire Architects, had won awards (the Best Educational Building and Best sustainable Projects) for its modern, time forward and fresh designs! 

                  20080214124513UCD_Sign_650.jpg picture by haziechang
                                            20081218043145ucd_health1.jpg picture by haziechang   

                          UCD Health Science Building, inside view
     WOW..more reasons to REGISTER for the symposium~!
    What are you waiting for???


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